Wednesday, February 23, 2011


gorgeous drawings by Marc Davis

Over the last couple of weeks many of you lovely readers emailed me asking about the meaning of my blog's name, since it's an italian word. Let's solve the mystery then! There are basically two reasons why I picked it, and both are related to my more personal 'world', that is animation. 
Nelle ultime settimane molte di voi mi hanno scritto chiedendomi se il nome di questo blog avesse qualche significato particolare, allora sveliamo il mistero! I motivi che mi hanno portata a scegliere questo nome sono due e sono entrambi legati al mio mondo piu' personale, quello dell'animazione.

Rosaspina ("Briar Rose") is the main character of a very well known 1950s animated feature film, a beautiful sixteen years old peasant girl raised in a secret cottage, who spent her days gathering berries and singing in the woods, surrounded by squirrels and birds. Rings any bells?
Sleeping Beauty has been my 'crucial' film, it's the very first animated movie I saw. Even if I was incredibly young I still remember that day very clearly, as I watched it 12 times in a row and mom was quite embarrassed when we gave the tape back to the rental shop :) Who would have guessed that one day I'd work as an animator.
Other than a dear memory from my childhood, Sleeping Beauty is also considered a true art masterpiece by basically everyone who is in animation. It's like an incredibly detailed medieval oil painting in motion, and each and every frame is just pure perfection. The fact that it took 12 years of hard work to see the light of day shouldn't come as a big surprise :)
Rosaspina e' la contadinella protagonista di un lungometraggio degli anni '50 molto noto, una splendida fanciulla con i capelli color dell'oro che trascorreva le sue giornate raccogliendo bacche nel bosco e cantando come un usignolo circondata da animaletti. Suona familiare?
La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco e' stata una svolta nella mia vita, e' stato il primo cartone animato che abbia visto. Ero piccolissima ma mi ricordo quel giorno come se fosse ieri, perche' avevo guardato il film a ripetizione ben 12 volte e la mamma era molto imbarazzata quando riportammo la cassetta al videonoleggio. Chi avrebbe detto che sarei finita a lavorare proprio in quel mondo. 
Al di la' dei ricordi di infanzia, La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco e' considerata da chiunque lavori nell'animazione un capolavoro dell'arte, e non solo quella cinematografica. E' come un articolato dipinto ad olio medievale, ricchissimo di dettagli, ma in movimento e ogni fotogramma e' sempre assolutamente perfetto. Non c'e' da stupirsi che abbia impiegato 12 anni di lavoro per venire alla luce :)

Rosaspina is also the name of a vintage shop that appears in my graduation film. It's a 7 minutes film that I made with my two friends Alice and Simona at school several years ago, it's called 'Marla'. We took care of every step in the production, from script to storyboard, direction, animation and coloring. I don't intend to bother you posting the entire film here (I haven't watched it in years myself), so I'll just leave you with a few links: here you can find the video and here the work in progress. And for those who asked me where to see my most recent work, here is my website
Rosaspina e' anche il nome che io e le mie compagne di corso Alice e Simona abbiamo dato a un negozio vintage che appare nel nostro film di tesi. E' un film animato di circa 7 minuti che abbiamo realizzato diversi anni fa, dal titolo 'Marla'. Insieme abbiamo curato tutte le fasi della produzione, dalla sceneggiatura allo storyboard, alla regia, alle animazioni e alla coloritura. Non voglio tediarvi postando qui il film intero che, tra l'altro, io non riesco neanche piu' a guardare (come spesso accade con le cose a cui si dedica troppo tempo e alle cose che non si rifarebbero piu' allo stesso modo), quindi vi lascio un po' di link: qui trovate il video e qui il work in progress. E per chi mi ha chiesto dove poter vedere i miei ultimi lavori, questo e' il mio sito web.


Ranna said...

I just finished watching Marla, it was such a gorgeous little piece!

You know, working in animation was my dream job as a kid, Marc Davis and Glen Keane were like superheroes to me. Unfortunately I never learned how to draw. :)
Never lost my love for traditional animation, though.

"this fashion lark." said...

What a lovely post :) x

Anonymous said...

Lovely, nostalgic post. My own favourite was always Beauty & the Beast, I cried and begged my dad to take us to see it in the cinema and weeks later we got to go to... sleeping beauty : ) Not the same, Dad! Anyway, I was wondering about the name, VERY nice explanation!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Riikka, thank you for watching my wacky little film and I'm very glad you enjoyed it, even if it's so old :)
When I was a kid I didn't even imagined the existence of an actual animation "job", I only understood it when I watched a documentary about the making of Little Mermaid, and saw all those cel painted and Glen Keane... and it was 1989 :)
I guess it's good to grow up with such amazing artists as superheroes. Milt Kahl and Frank Thomas have also been a huge source of inspiration.

This Fashion Lark, thank you :)

Cakesandshakes, lucky you! Watching Sleeping Beauty on the big screen would be an overwhelming experience for me :) I wish I could do that some day!

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Sleeping Beauty is surely one of the most beautiful Disney movie. EVER.
The stylization of the characters is elegant and very unique. Not to mention the backgrounds ! What a piece of work !

And Marla is one crazy girly character !!! ;-)

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Oh and I want to see you wear Fleur's Penna Dress !!!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Genevieve, I couldn't agree more :) I don't think it would be ever possible to make such a gorgeous movie today, of course we've got amazing artists but those people worked with no pencil test and no "undo". I think that's where the real magic happens.
I will wear the Penna dress soon, don't worry :D

L'armadio del delitto said...

Che buffo, mi stavo appunto facendo la domanda di perché Rosaspina, ed ecco la risposta! Ho appena visto il film, che bello! Mi sono piaciuti molto tutti i dettagli che ci avete messo!

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