Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ruche's sweet season

I always enjoy a nicely styled lookbook with a romantic atmosphere, especially when the clothes are equally lovely. I feel like I could wear these Ruche pieces (love that cutout pale blue skirt!) every single day this spring. 
And this country feel to them makes me want to go for a field trip very soon, fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!
Apprezzo sempre moltissimo quando il lookbook di una collezione e' tanto grazioso quanto lo sono poi effettivamente gli abiti. Potrei indossare queste gonne traforate e bluse floreali di Ruche ogni singolo giorno di primavera. 
E quell'atmosfera di campagna non fa altro che farmi desiderare una piccola gita fuori citta' molto presto, incrociamo le dita per un weekend di sole!


la vita è bella (Alessandra) said...

Ciao! This is so pretty. The outfit is perfect for a nice Spring day!

Max Adam said...


I just had a look at your blog for the first time and I really enjoyed it!

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Keep it up!

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Rosaspina Vintage said...

La vita e' bella - thank you!

Max Adam - I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Amber Blue Bird said...

i hope your weekend is filled with great weather!

Willow said...

These photos are lovely - the lighting and colours, this is definitely a very romantic background. So gorgeous!

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